Thursday, August 18, 2011

Short Story Super Challenge

Partially inspired by Dean Wesley Smith and partially inspired by my own desire to challenge myself and do some weekly writing that isn't connected to any of my novel WIPs, I've decided to start my own weekly writing challenge. Basically, I'm going to solicit suggestions on a genre/type of story to write and produce one short story per week based on that general prompt (or just pick my own if no one wants to suggest one).

I don't plan to post them to any place yet other than my blog, but maybe after I've written a collection and edited them, I can slap together an anthology and upload it to Smashwords or something.

So, I'll take votes or suggestions for my first story (target date: August 28th). I'm willing to write anything except erotica. If there's no clear winner, I'll just pick one at random. Once we get going, I'll figure out some more formal rule about having to wait a certain number of weeks before repeating a certain genre/type of story. I suppose I should start requesting genre/story suggestions in the middle of the week in general. Maybe Wednesdays.

So, what do people want to see?


Margaret Yang said...

Cyberpunk. The world needs a lot more cyberpunk.

J.A. Beard said...

Ah, that's a good possibility. Guess I should figure out when I'm closing voting/suggestions. Maybe Monday.

Liana Brooks said...

Steam or biopunk. With guns and swords.

Mike Cooley said...

I'm thinking alternate history, but just a few years back. Maybe 2001?

Diane Carlisle said...

We need more Twilight Zone and Night Gallery type stuff. I'm going with Horror/Mystery. Write a story about a little girl who gets sucked into a painting of a haunted pond in the dark Crex Meadows of Grantsburg, Wisconsin.

Mwahahahhaha!! :D

Helen Hanson said...

Perhaps a 'scene we'd like to see' from a beloved classic. A nod to Mad Magazine written in a tone that matches the original work.