Monday, March 2, 2015

New Month, New Project Report


So now that Osland is over, what's in store?

Well, the primary thing that I have been working on and is in store in the near future is a new YA UF series (yes, I know such a shocking departure from what I've already done).

The main protagonist in this new series is a bit older (18) and a high-school graduate, so there's be a bit less school hi-jinks this time around, but I think people who liked the Osland Trilogy will also enjoy this new series with the tentative title for book one of THE IMPOSSIBLE INTERN.

This series is going to be structured a bit differently in that it'll initially be a bit more episodic than what we I had in Osland, especially given the nature of the paranormal elements, but this doesn't mean I won't have a continuing plot, just that things may go on a bit more than three books depending on how things flow.

There'll be romantic elements, but they'll be a bit more slow burn than in Osland.

I'll note that despite the heavy hinting at other supernaturals in the Osland Trilogy, this series is not directly connected. I previously had an idea for another series directly connected, but for the moment, I wanted to start a new series with less setting baggage, though I may revisit the Osland world in the future (i.e., explore the mysterious 'information' contact that Miss Norris kept mentioning).

I'm working with a bit of a different protagonist type this time around. Typically, my protagonists tend to be very self-assured (more than a few have said cocky), whereas I'm going for a lead that's a bit more unsure herself at first. We'll see how it works out.