Saturday, December 1, 2001

Mr. Beard's Regency Tour Index Page

Here is the archive of all my Mr. Beard's Regency Tour entries on Regency/Late Georgian England:

Day 1: The Regency Defined and the Madness of King George
Day 2: The Forbidden Dance, The Waltz
Day 3: The Ghost of Agincout and the English Artemis, Archery in Regency England
Day 4: Phantasmagoria, The Regency Horror Show
Day 5: The Mighty Enchantress, the Gothic Queen, Ann Radcliffe
Day 6: Classy Bloodsuckers and the Modern Prometheus, Two Pillars of Horror Birthed in the Regency
Day 7: Bad Boy, Super Poet, and Greek Patriot, Lord Byron: Part I: A Scandalous Life
Day 8: Bad Boy, Super Poet, and Greek Patriot, Lord Byron: Part II: Brooding Poetic Heroes and Dissing Your Contemporaries
Day 9: Lord Byron Part III: Luddite lover and Greek Insurgent
Day 10: Luddites: The frame-breakers
Day 11: Not Getting Your Hands Dirty, A Proper Gentleman
Day 12: How about a rubber of the popular Regency card game, whist?
Day 13: Married over the anvil: Gretna Green
Day 14: Good Fences Make Good Neighbors: Enclosure
Day 15: What's a Little War Between Fashionable Friends? English respect for the French during the Regency
Day 16: Jane in 855 words--A Brief Biography of Jane Austen
Day 17: Smooth Roads and Criminals: The Turnpike System
Day 18: Guerrillas and the Peninsular War: What's the French Word for Ulcer? (Posted to EFHA blog)
Day 19: Steal a book, seven-years' hard labor overseas: Transportation as punishment in the 17th-19th centuries (Posted to EFHA blog)

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