Sunday, October 5, 2014


During recent vacation travelling, we drove over 1200 miles. My children handled it like champions. When I was young, a 120 mile two-hour drive seems interminable. 

We also live in the age of the plane. Years ago, when I returned from Korea, I recall the flight taking about ten hours, and I thought that seemed long.

All of this rattled around a bit in my head the other day as I was working on some writing and research. In MIND CRAFTER, the plot takes place in one location for the most part, whereas in the sequel, some characters need to take a little road trip. As I decided on the transportation and did a little research to nail the times and distances, I found myself amused by the reality that a long and fairly uncomfortable trip for my characters basically placed them as far as I might travel just to get to a certain "local area" store.