Friday, August 5, 2011

Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday #7: What is life?

Welcome to #SFFSat – Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday -  a chance to post six sentences from a piece of speculative fiction. Want to join in? Check out the site and links to other great speculative fiction authors at Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday and follow the hashtag #SFFSat on Twitter.

This six is from my fantasy WIP Mind Crafter. 

Fouang cleared his throat, obvious irritation in his face--no doubt angry over being made to wait.

Tua resisted a snort. She would make him learn his place. 

“Do you know what living is, Vice Minister?” she said.

“I am no philosopher. I would say living is not being dead.”


Pippa Jay said...

His answer gives such a clear insight to his dour personality.

elucian said...


I agree with Pip -- I've only just "met" Fouang, but I can almost see his body language as he makes that reply.

Anonymous said...

He tells it like it is - 'living is not being dead.'

Interesting snippet. :-)

Laurel Kriegler said...

A charming exchange :-)

Lauri J Owen said...

Ha - loved that last line. It's so revealing!