Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Author Interview: Laura Yirak

Today, I  interview author Laura Yirak, who is just finishing up a children's book series project: The Adventures of Be Boo & Dolly, Indoors, Outdoors, and Seasons.  

1) Tell us about your upcoming work.

The Adventures of Be Boo & Dolly, Indoors, Outdoors, 
and Seasons will be out soon! It is a children’s series for 2 to 5 year olds. Be Boo is a little blue dragon with green eyes and Dolly is a little pink doll with pink hair and a very pink dress. Be Boo is a little mischievous and always up to something and Dolly is always there to help him. Together they both learn lessons through joint problem solving.

2) A variety of cute beings populate children's books. You've chosen a small dragon and a doll for your work. Why did you chose those?
One night I was putting my two year old daughter to bed and I asked her if she wanted me to tell her a story. She said yes, and I asked her what about? She replied with a dragon and a doll. I have been telling the stories over and over for a year and she loves them.

3) Children's books present an unusual challenge for the author in that artwork is such a pivotal part of the experience. Can you tell us a little bit about your collaborative process with the illustrator?
Daren Challman is the illustrator. He is extremely talented and is very good about checking the character designs over with me and making tweaks as needed. His use of color and his designs are unique and very eye catching. I am happy with his work and am looking forward to the final product.

4) We live in an age where even toddlers play video games now. Why do you think it is important that young children read?
This series is illustrated in cover only. I have set it up this way so that the child can imagine as the parent reads, or the older child can read alone. The imagination is an important skill to develop and I am finding that my daughter loves it just as much as her fully illustrated books. She likes to tell me stories now after I tell her about Be Boo and Dolly.

5) You write both child- and adult-targeted books. What challenges did writing this book present that weren't present in your previous work?
I found this series easier to write than my first novel simply due to length. I plan on adding to the series as well as adding to my adult fiction line-up.

6) How do you see the rise of e-reading affecting children's books?
I’m sure that children’s books will adapt well to the e-reader, I could even imagine that that they may come out with e-readers for children. As far as the physical book, I think it will hold for the time being.


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