Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Indie Book Bonanza

So, I've had quite a few indie authors (whether small press or self-published) featured on my blog. So, I wanted to give their books another chance to shine. There's something for everybody, I think. Please look below and check out some of the work of these authors. If you are interested in their guest blogs and/or interviews, just enter their names in my search box (yeah, yeah, I'm too lazy to set up all the links). I don't think a single book on this list is more expensive than six dollars (and most are cheaper than that). Most of these are e-books, but several do also have print editions. Note, though, if you don't have an e-reader you can download e-reader software for all popular formats and every major operating system.

Now on to the list:

Chrystalla Thoma, Dioscuri (YA paranormal)
Cindy Borgne, Vallar (YA sci-fi)
Cyrus Keith, Becoming Nadia (Sci-fi thriller)
Debra Chapoton, Edge of Escape (YA suspense)
Helen Hanson, 3 Lies (Contemporary Thriller)
Kane, Aleron, (Vampire horror)
Katherine Hanna, Breakdown (Post-apocalyptic drama)
Katrina Parker Williams, Trouble Down South (African-American historical fiction anthology)
Kelvin O'Ralph, LS: The Beginning (YA paranormal romance)
Kevin Villegas, Sunwright Chronicles (Fantasy)
Lindsay Downs, Emily Cahill, CID Part 1 (Military Mystery/Suspense)
Marion Sipe, A Sign in Blood (Fantasy)
Michael Shean, Shadow of a Dead Star (Sci-fi mystery)
Shawn Maravel, Severance (YA paranormal romance)
Tamara Rose Blodgett, Death Whispers (YA paranormal)
Tiphanie Thomas, Heart Stealer (Contemporary romance)
Victorine Lieske, The Overtaking (YA sci-fi romance)
Zachery Richardson, Chronicles of the Apocalypse (Urban Fantasy)

All links are Amazon, but most of these books are also featured at other popular e-vendors.

Also remember to check out Good Book Alert for indie (small press and self-pub) reviews.

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