Friday, August 19, 2011

Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday #9: Not Quite Hero Material

Welcome to #SFFSat – Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday -  a chance to post six sentences from a piece of speculative fiction. Want to join in? Check out the site and links to other great speculative fiction authors at Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday and follow the hashtag #SFFSat on Twitter.

This Saturday, I'm going to take a break from Mind Crafter to offer a snippet from a temporarily shelved (but still fun) project, Woodland Girl and the Mechanic, a middle-grade superhero story:

 "Jersey Devil fights crime without powers,” I said.

Maria rolled her eyes. I wished she made a mask where I couldn’t see her eyes.

She rose from the ground surrounded by a faint blue haze. "Jersey Devil isn’t even real. Second of all, Jersey Devil, even in the comics, spent seven years training with kung fu masters in China and three years with acrobats from the Cirque de Lune.” She sighed. “Jared, you have trouble just running the track in gym."


Misa Buckley said...

I love that last line! LOL

Anonymous said...

I love the derision, I'm even smarting after that last bit!

Pippa Jay said...

Love the voice in this, but shame on her for dampening Jared's hopes! A boy can dream. :)

Laurel Kriegler said...

Oooh, someone found a new girlfriend? Ouch!

elucian said...

This is a great post. Very funny, and gives so much about the genre, world and characters. Also makes me want to read more -- unshelf that project! :-D