Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What's sexier than a cowboy? An interview with paranormal romance author Cait Lavender

Today I'm talking with paranormal romance author Cait Lavender about her werewolf western paranormal romance, HUNTER MOON.


1) Please tell us about your book.

HUNTER MOON is a paranormal romance set in the small Central California town of Raymond. Shelby Flint is a cattle rancher struggling to make ends meet, fighting against her vindictive cousins who are trying to take her ranch and fighting against a man sabotaging her land and trying to kill her, all the while trying to keep from throwing herself and her heart at the feed of a nosy, gorgeous game warden who’s poking his nose in her business.

2) This book is part of the Lupine Moon series. Can you tell us how it fits in with the rest of the series?

Basically, any books in the Lupine Moon series are going to revolve around, you guessed it, lupines. They’re my own special, sexy brand of werewolves.

3) At first brush, werewolves aren't something you'd think would have made the romantic leap quite as well as they have in fiction. What do you think is behind the popularity of werewolves in paranormal romance circles?

I think there is something sexy about a man who can be, quite literally, an animal. Animals have a certain kind of honor too; they don’t kill needlessly, they protect those they love fiercely and
with their lives, and they have strength and agility that humans just can’t possess. Mix that in
with a sexy man, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a dream-man.

4) What traits do you think make for an interesting romantic heroine? An interesting romantic hero?

I hate it when the heroines are these shy little victims, accepting the bad things that happen to them because they can’t do anything to change them and expecting a big man to save them. All
my girls have guts, even if it takes them a little while to find them. And my heroes? I don’t like guys that are like Superman. Perfect. My men have flaws, issues, but I think that makes them
more real.

5) What's something that you just don't like to see in romance and have tried to avoid in your work?

Mmm...probably the instant "love at first sight’ moment." I don’t mind "lust at first sight", because I think that happens a lot in real life. But the instant, overwhelming I’ll-die-for-you kind of love, that’s gotta be worked up to. I think it’s a rare person that is that aware of their feelings and can come to terms with that strong of an emotion in second.

6) There's an old writing maxim: "write what you know." Though the exact meaning of "what you know" is debatable and varies by context, it's striking that you've written a story that seems
to play somewhat into your background strengths. Can you tell us a little about how your background influenced your story setting both in a positive way or maybe even ways that you found frustrating?

That’s a great question! That old maxim is why I set my story close to my hometown. I think because I was so familiar with the area, I was able to paint a clear picture of the landscape, the people and the western culture. The only thing I had to worry about was being too close to real life.

7) Fill in the blanks: ______ are sexy, _____ are sexier.

Cowboys are sexy, werewolf cowboys are sexier.

8) What's next for the Lupine Moon series?

I’m going to focus on Shelby’s next move. I’ve got lots of people hounding me for book two, so believe me when I say I’ll try to get it finished as soon as possible!


You can find more from Cait at www.caitlavender.com.

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