Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Complicated Love Webs and Angels: An interview with paranormal romance author Debie Esmeralda

Today I'm taking with Debie Esmeralda about her paranormal romance, THE ANGEL SERIES: FALLEN.


1) Please tell us about your book.

THE ANGEL SERIES: FALLEN is about an angel who was punished for breaking the rules of the Heaven. She has to live with the humans, but there she learns all the things humans do. She is known as Penelope Reef, an average girl with dreams of being on Broadway. She meets the rich, wealthy Swaiz brothers, Drew and Xander. She falls for both but  really is in love with Drew. But Xander makes her situation confusing. What makes it even more complicated is the return of her ex-boyfriend, Jeremy. Aside from the love life she has. She’s also being haunted by dreams. She comes to the decision that she better find the answers in her hometown. In the end she has to make a decision that will change one of her lives.

2) What inspired this book?

I got my inspiration one night when I was about to sleep. I was listening to the 98° song Heaven's Missing Angel. It is about a girl that resembles an angel for them. Suddenly an idea of an angel falling in love with a mortal came to me. At that time I also love High School Musical, so I imagined my lead character to be like Zac Efron, blue eyes and brown hair.

3) What are some of the major themes of this book?

Love, journey and discovery. Love, that it can be felt and happen to anybody. It has no exceptions whether you are a mortal or immortal. That when it comes to love all is equal. Also it also features the struggles and conflicts that happen when you fall in love. Sometimes it makes you happy,sometimes it's not like that. It also has different kinds of love. Love for someone of the opposite sex or attraction. 

Love for her grandmother and love for a brother.
Journey, journey through her new found life as a mortal. Penelope was an angel before, but now she has to face the world she once taken care of. 

And Discovery, Penelope tries to conquer what her dreams are about. She tries to discover what seems to be unknown about her.

4) Many paranormal romances are satisfied with one major series of emotional interactions between a woman and a man. You've upped the ante with three potential suitors. Why did you choose to develop a more complicated web of love for your story ?

A complicated love story happens to everyone. As a human we tend to use our emotions in controlling our decisions. Only wise people can overcome their feelings in facing something. Love is always accompanied by imperfections. And complicated love stories also happen in a real life settings. Sometimes a man or a woman has another invited party outside the supposed to be relationship exclusivity he/she already committed to.

5) Do you worry that this may potentially affect reader's ability to become invested in the romantic outcome?

Not at all. Anyone can relate. No one is perfect. Sometimes we feel the temptations around us.

6) Dreams are a major component of your story. Are vivid dreams something you personally experience?

It is not really about what I personally experience. It just came into my mind out of nowhere. Whenever I'm in front of my computer doing my book the words just came one by one. Maybe another factor why I use dreams is because I also believe dreams are somehow connected to our soul. What we want or about to experience was shown through our dreams. Most of the time we really cannot interpret what they are about.

7) Do you have any other projects you're working on?

I'm starting my 2nd book right now. It will be entitled THE ANGEL SERIES: FATE. I'm also constructing other possible titles and ideas I can use for another book I had never decided what to name at this moment. But maybe after I finished my 2nd book I'll start on my third right away.


Thanks, Debie.

THE ANGEL SERIES: FALLEN can be purchased at Amazon.


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