Monday, October 31, 2011

Magical Monday: A Very Magical Summary

Due to the magical gathering of candy with my children, I didn't prep a Magical Monday today, but I did want to offers links to the various more Halloween-inspired/supernatural-themed entries I've had going for most of October in all my various blog series in case you missed them, especially as I know I have many new people people following in the last couple of weeks: So, this entire month has been mostly been magical!

Magical Mondays #3: Poisonous Immortality: Taoist Alchemy
Magical Mondays #4: Ikiryō, Haunting by the Living
Mr. Beard's Regency Tour Day 4: Phantasmagoria, The Regency Horror Show
Magical Mondays #5: Blemmyes, the headless threat
The Age of Tranquility and Peace, Heian Japan #4: The Demon of Rashōmon
Mr. Beard's Regency Tour Day 5: The Mighty Enchantress, the Gothic Queen: Ann Radcliffe
Magical Mondays #6: Cihuateteo, The Duality of Suffering Mother Spirits
Mr. Beard's Regency Tour Day 6: Classy Bloodsuckers and the Modern Prometheus, Two Pillars of Horror Birthed in the Regency

Next Monday, I shall return with fresh material: an entry on ancient Greek love magic.

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