Friday, October 7, 2011

Guest Post by Angela White: When is a female too manly?

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Today, we have a guest post from dark fantasy writer Angela White discussing female heroes and manliness.

Take it away, Angela.


When is a Female Hero too Manly?

This can be a tough line to walk. We like’em hard and mean and able to throw a great punch, but not digging at their crotch or cursing like a Bronx fishwife. They have to be able to wrestle wild animals and shoot a round through a flea’s ass at five hundred meters (Nod to Clint there), but if they have to take a leak, we’re pulled from the story with a roll of the eyes. 

They can give birth with no pain medicine or stitch up a gaping wound with a safety pin while fighting off a herd of rabid kangaroo, but if she hacks up a loogie, we feel ill with disappointment and revulsion.

And then there are they ways she responds t
o people, especially a lover. It’s a delicate blend of never loosing control and still surrendering in the name of bonding. She can flirt, roughly, but never may a giggle pass her lips. She can moan and grunt but never scream,”Yeah Daddy! Who’s my da…”

…You get the picture. The manly female hero is a union of sacred sexuality and time honored roughness, one that nature (and writers), often bring together under the ugliest of circumstances. Like the Apocalypse. So…
Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join this burning question to your answer. What we the people have joined together… let no spammers tear asunder. Please tell your views on this union or forever hold your 

When is a Female Hero too Manly?

For me, the top three no-no’s are spitting, excessive snotting, and not appearing to feel any pain. Two of them I don’t care to know about and the third is just too far beyond the boundaries to keep me reading. Everyone feels pain.  Join the Discussion.

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Thanks for stopping by Angela.

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