Monday, February 4, 2013

Death Is Just The Beginning: An Interview with Paranormal Author Michelle Muto

Today I'm talking with paranormal Michelle Muto about her dark YA paranormal book, Don't Fear the Reaper.

1) Please tell us about your book.

It's a novel about a 17-yr-old girl who finds herself trapped in purgatory after her suicide and her determination to find her deceased sister. In the afterlife, she meets a bounty-hunting reaper and sarcastic demon, both of whom have a hand in how and where she spends her eternity.

2) Please tell us about your main character.

Keely Morrison is a girl lost. She's overwhelmed with grief over the murder of her twin sister. But, she's is also tough and resilient. I think readers can relate to her if they've ever lost someone they loved.

3) What inspired you to write this particular book?

When I was querying agents with a different book, they asked for something darker, more edgy.

4) Your book is initiated with a character so overwhelmed by loss that she commits suicide. This is dark emotional territory. Did you find it difficult to plump these depths when writing the book?

Very difficult. To authentically write Keely's grief, I had to look into my own despair of having lost much of my family. While I was never suicidal during those times, the emotional pain was immense. Reliving those memories opened up old wounds.

5) What primary themes do you feel your book explores?

Grief, friendship, love, devotion, coming of age.

6) How is this book similar and different from some of your previous work?

Don't Fear the Reaper is similar to The Haunting Season in that it's for a more mature young adult audience. Both books are drastically different than The Book of Lost Souls, which is more upbeat, humorous.

7) Do you have any links to any excerpts you'd like to share?

People can read the entire first chapter of Don't Fear the Reaper on my blog.


Thanks, Michelle.

If you'd like to learn more about Michelle, please visit her at

Don't Fear the Reaper is available for purchase at the following vendors:

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Createspace (Paperback version, if outside of North America)

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