Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Pain of Loss: Shabdaansh

Writing chum Matt Posner brought this short film (about ten minutes), Shabdaansh, by his friend Rishi Verma to my attention.

In it a writer faces his own worth nightmare, the loss of the ability to understand words. While this film of course has special resonance with authors (and indeed readers), I think the fundamental theme of losing access to one's defining gifts and traits is an interesting one and, especially with the ending film, the question of how we deal with them is perhaps even more important to consider.

The film can be viewed at this YouTube link.

In addition, those interested in discussing it on another place can also check out the Goodreads group, ROBUST.


The Walrus said...

Dear Jeremy,

Thank you so much for putting up the link to the film on your blog. For a first time filmmaker, it is a very heartening thing to see their work being viewed by an open audience. Thank you again.


The Walrus said...
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J.A. Beard said...

You're welcome.