Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hell in Michigan: An interview with paranormal romance auhtor Andrea DiGiglio

Today I'm talking with paranormal romance author and screenwriter Andrea DiGiglio about her paranormal romance, FINDING ALICE.


1) Tell us about your book.

FINDING ALICE is a story about a young woman who chooses to continue a secluded life from most of society, mostly due to her condition of extreme empathy. As all humans do, she eventually finds companionship in some locals and her entire reality is altered from it instantly. Quickly, Fallen Angels emerge to protect her from the wrath of God they had created. Choosing a side isn't the issue for Alice, she only hopes to survive it all.

2) What inspired this book?

I wanted to write about a strong woman who faces all challenges with intense bravery and strength. I also wanted her love interest to be supportive but equally strong, and above all, no outrageous love triangles. The rest just came to me honestly, though I do have a enormous infatuation with Fallen Angels.

3) There are a lot of paranormal romance titles on the shelves. What sets your story apart from others?

From what I have read and heard, I am the first to address God's feelings about what Fallen Angel's really did.

4) How did your Michigan background influence the setting? Were there specific aspects of Michigan that you felt compelled to include?

The city Hell in Michigan seemed too perfect not to use and I am proud of my state as a whole. Max's Bar, does not exist as far as I know. As for the "field" (I don't want to give too much away), I did in fact visit a field in Hell, MI that resembles what I described in FINDING ALICE.

5) Angels and fallen angels are creatures that have been deeply embedded into the religious and mythic fiber of Western society for thousands of years. Do you think that makes them more difficult to write about than something like vampires, which despite their current reputation, didn't have much penetration as a major creature until relatively recently?

No, I think it makes it easier at least for me. I think people are more likely to believe that an angel or fallen truly exists and therefore can quickly get lost in a novel.

6) You have a screenwriting background. Did that influence your novel writing process at all?

In a sense yes, meaning if I can't see it in my head playing out like a film I will never be able to write it. My writing itself, no. I had to research and retrain myself to write my novel correctly.

7) If you were casting a FINDING ALICE movie, who would you want for your leads?

You with the tough questions! I would say Ian Somerhalder for Cole. And Alice? Honestly, me. Mostly because I have been dying to play a role like that. It's the reason I started writing screenplays in the first place well over a decade ago. If I had to choose someone else, I would choose Danielle West.

8) This is book 1 in the Alice Clark series. How many books do you have planned for this series?

I am currently planning on three, but you never know. I swear Alice has a mind of her own.


Thanks, Andrea.

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FINDING ALICE is available in both physical and ebook format at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. 


BK said...

Great interview. Thank you for hosting Andrea today.

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It was fun.

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Awesome interview!! Definitely sounds like a great read..:)

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Thanks for stopping by, Jennifer.