Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Elves Among Us: An Interview Julia Crane about her YA paranormal, Coexist

Today, I'm talking with Julia Crane author of the elf-themed YA paranormal novel, Coexist.

1) Tell us about your book.

Sixteen-year-old Keegan is struggling to keep her huge secret from her friends--she's an elf, descended from a long line of elves that live in secrecy alongside humans.  

In elfin society, mates are predetermined but not allowed to meet until they are eighteen.  Against tradition, Keegan's brother Thaddeus told her Rourk's name because his visions warned him she'd need Rourk's protection, especially since Keegan will play a key role in the coming war between the dark and light elves.

Rourk finds himself drawn to Keegan's side every time she thinks his name. He wants to talk to her but remains in the shadows, silently guarding her every time she mentally beckons him. A twist of fate thrusts the two of them together when Rourk is forced to step up his protection and make his presence known.

An ancient prophecy deeply entwines Keegan's family and the future of their society. Somehow they must find a way to thwart fate and win the battle...without losing Keegan. With war brewing, and dark forces aligning, will Keegan and Rourk ever have the life together that they both desire?

2) What inspired this story?

It was the first thing I thought of when I sat down to write a YA novel. A lot of things influenced Coexist consciously and subconsciously. My family has Irish roots and my grandmother always told Irish Tales. Certain elements from the story I took from my everyday life. I have a teenage daughter, and all the drama that goes along with that. My husband is retired military so that’s a lifestyle I have lived. Mainly what inspired me was free time. Once we moved to Dubai I had a lot of free time on my hands, which I turned into writing time. 

3) Supernatural beings of all sorts are gracing our shelves these days. Why did you choose elves for your book?

My family tends to have pointed ears, round rosy faces, and small statures. So we were often teased about being elfish or having an impish look. So it just seemed natural when I thought of what kind of paranormal book I would write. It’s easier to write paranormal because with magic anything is possible. 

4) Elves have been reinterpreted constantly throughout the centuries from everything from misanthropic tormentors to heroic stewards of the Earth. Do you think your reinterpretation fits in with an existing tradition or were you trying for something else entirely?

I didn’t really think about that when I started writing. My main premise was that elves have evolved enough to blend in with humans. I honestly don’t know if that has been written about before or not. Surprisingly, I really haven’t read many elf books. 

5) Why do you think people are so fascinated by elves?

I believe people are fascinated with anything supernatural. Elves are just one of the many. The current fascination still seems to be vampires, werewolves, and zombies. 

6) YA has exploded in popularity. When I was younger (which wasn't all THAT long ago), you just didn't really see huge dedicated sections to YA. Now obviously the success of YA books is what is motivating publishers, but why do you think so many people both teens and adults are attracted to YA books?

I’m really not sure. I didn’t start reading YA until my daughter brought home Twillight. She wasn’t a reader so I was curious to find out what had caught her attention. I got sucked in as easily as she did. It’s nice to have an easy read that you don’t have to think about too much. Also teen years are exciting on so many levels. Drama is always fun to read. I still read everything she reads, and I have read some great books that way. Plus it gives us something to talk about. 

7) When you wrote this did you intend a sequel?

When I wrote it I wasn’t sure I would finish it until I was about half way done. At that point I already had ideas for book two. I’m working on book three now. I think that will be all for the Chronicles, but I might do some spin offs on characters that readers have expressed interest in. 


Thanks, Julia.

Please stop by and visit Julia at www.juliacraneauthor.com.


Chrystalla Thoma said...

Oooh I need to read this book! I have a fascination with elves - and I did think Julia looks elfin. I wasn't going to say it, of course, but since she did... :) Beautiful interview and sounds like a great story!

Julia Crane said...

Thanks so much for having me it was fun to answer your questions!

Chaz A. Young said...

What a great idea - supernatural beings are interesting to read about, and this sounds like an original and refreshing take on them.

Susan Jean Ricci said...

Kool! Me likey!

deloresscharf said...

This was the first book I have read about elves and it was just as amazing as what the synopsis says. I love that mythical creatures are living among us in present time. I also love the "chosen one" concept, what can I say, I love romance books a lot! overall, it was a great read for me. :)