Saturday, September 10, 2011

9/11: Ten Years and Dogs

Ten years already? It honestly does feel like yesterday.

May all who died RIP.

One story flashes to my mind. Something that really brought home the horror in a strange way. Many of the search and rescue dogs they were using to find survivors would get depressed because they would go so long without finding anyone alive. The handlers had to set-up fake "rescues" to keep the dogs' spirits up.


Cate Masters said...

Strange the dogs felt such a connection to humans they didn't know. Guess we all need a little vindication.

Lindsay said...

For someone who features a collie in my stories and having had dogs of a variety of breeds I am not surprised at that information.
I just wish the canines in the service to our country: SERE,scouts, including those that specialize in sniffing out IED's, police canines, those who work with Special Ops troops being parachuted behind enemy lines would get the credit they so richly deserved.

Cara Bristol said...

Two thoughts about that: first, if dogs were overwhelmed by it -- you can imagine what the rescuers went through, and second, I don't think people give animals enough credit for their feelings.