Friday, July 8, 2011

Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday #4: Always find the positive in a given situation

Welcome to #SFFSat – Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday -  a chance to post six sentences from a piece of speculative fiction. Want to join in? Check out the site and links to other great speculative fiction authors at Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday and follow the hashtag #SFFSat on Twitter.

This six is from my fantasy WIP Mind Crafter.

In this six, the protagonist (Shala) finds herself having a most curious nightmare in which she's a foreign woman on a doomed ship. For reference, in this book, a crafter is a type of magic user with specialized abilities. Shala is, when she's awake at least, a mind crafter.

Through the sheets of rain and flying debris, she spied a golden-haired woman yelling into the storm. Why hadn’t the damn Caranian air crafter protected them? Despite all the silver they'd given her, they were still going to die. A fellow Dassian would have done more for them. Jalisia cackled into the wind. A fellow Dassian also would have wanted double the silver.


Lauri J Owen said...

Well, she's got a good attitude! LOL! Don't know if I could be so blase. Great six!

Pippa Jay said...

Love that she can take a moment to appreciate the mercenary nature of a fellow Dassian.

Anonymous said...

I love the imagery at the beginning of the piece, could really picture it. Great snippet.

Laurel Kriegler said...

Intriguing snippet. I also love the first sentence. Really great imagery there.