Friday, July 1, 2011

Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday #3: We're already measuring your coffin

Welcome to #SFFSat – Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday -  a chance to post six sentences from a piece of speculative fiction. Want to join in? Check out the site and links to other great speculative fiction authors at Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday and follow the hashtag #SFFSat on Twitter.

This six is from my fantasy WIP Mind Crafter.

In this six, the protagonist (Shala) finds herself talking to the Vice Minister of Harmony (basically a government internal security/secret police type ministry). The Vice Minister proceeds to gleefully describe the process of "Clouding", a procedure that strips the magical power away from errant crafters (the term for magic users in this setting):

"First, you see the panic settle over their face," Vice Minister Fouang said. "Then, the pain. Oh, how she writhed.” He stepped toward Shala, his face almost mirthful. “Then I saw it in her eyes, the exact moment they carved her soul. The screams would haunt your nightmares, Fifth Shala."


Laurel Kriegler said...

Oh how charming! Shudders ... I do not think I want to be a crafter subject to Clouding. And how ... delighted ... he sounds in the pain caused ... horrors. Well written six!

Anonymous said...

This was written really well! Could just hear him as he spoke. 'Clouding' doesn't seem like the nicest thing to experience. Yikes!

Pippa Jay said...

Oh, lovely! I could hear far too much relish in his voice. :-O