Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Let's Link To The Interesting Eight

I read and follow a lot of blogs relating to publishing. Today, I decided I would pass along a small number  of the ones I've found particularly interesting and/or useful. Now this isn't to say I don't follow other blogs that aren't interesting or useful (I follow several hundred), but just that these really stick out in my mind.

For those seeking traditional publishing:

This is the blog of literary agent Jessica Faust. Even if you aren't interested in her representing your work, she provides a lot of useful information about the process of getting published and general insight into the agent side of things. Read through her archives.

This is the blog of literary agent Kristen Nelson. Pretty much everything I said above about Ms. Faust is true for Ms. Nelson.

This is the blog of author and freelance editor Anne Mini. For those totally and completely new to the process of trying to get their work published, her website is invaluable. She provides lengthy, detailed explanations of things like manuscript preparation, query letters, synopses, et cetera.

At this site, literary agent Janet Reid provides detailed feedback on if a query works or not. While she will not give feedback on every query sent to her, a careful review of her archives (over 200 dissected queries) should help an aspiring author learn everything to do and not to do in a query.

For those planning to self-publish:

This is the blog of author J.A. Konrath. He is a traditionally published author who has since become an e-self-publishing evangelist. Although I find his tone a bit combative at times, he provides a lot of useful information about the realities of self-publishing and is very open about things details like his sales.

Mr. Smith is another traditionally published author and former small press publisher who is now rather vocal in his support of self-pubbing. Although, unlike Mr. Konrath, he is making more an effort to keep a presence via traditional publishing. He provides a number of interesting insights into many aspects of both traditional and self-publishing that any author considering self-publishing needs to consider.

This is the blog of Robin Sullivan. It is very focused on the 'business' aspect of publishing. She is involved with self-publishing, small press publishing, and "Big 6" publishing, so she can present a nuanced analysis of the advantages of each. 

Like Amazon or hate them, the Kindle is still the King of E-readers. Though not an official site of Amazon, Kindle Boards is still the major site for self-pubbed authors to network an learn about the difficulties associated with self-publishing. Author Victorine Lieske, whose self-published debut novel sold over 90,000 copies and lead to agents seeking her out, has noted that her participation at the Kindle Boards played a key role in her success.

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