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A cowboy, just what a woman in trouble needs: An interview with contemporary romance author Kimberly Lewis

1) Please tell us about your book.

Zane is the first book in a series of three revolving around the McKade siblings—Zane, Luke and Norah. In this first book we are introduced to the whole family but, as you can tell from the title, this one focuses on Zane with Luke and Norah being secondary characters.

This story is about two people, Zane and Kellan/Andi, who both have their fair share of horrible pasts—Kellan/Andi having dealt with an abusive boyfriend and Zane coming from a past where all he knows is distrust and betrayal. It’s because of these events (plus a rocky first meeting) that keep these two from liking each other at first. But once they set aside their differences, they realize that they really can get along with each other and a sweet love story between the two develops.

2) Please tell us a bit more about your two leads, Kellan/Andi and Zane.

Zane is a country boy who loves his cowboy lifestyle, working on his family’s ranch raising horses and training them. He is a very family oriented guy and will do anything he can to protect the ones he loves from getting hurt.

Kellan/Andi is a city girl who never intended on making the move to the country. She knows nothing of country life and it’s quite a culture shock for her at first. She is sweet but has a sassy side that comes through when someone gives her a hard time.

3) What's the enduring appeal of the cowboy?

I think it’s that whole simplistic, country boy charm that they all seem to have. They don’t need to wine you and dine you to win you over. Instead they choose a more casual approach to things—a quiet walk down a dirt road, horseback riding, etc. Plus the fact that they are strong enough to tame thousand pound wild animals but aren’t afraid to show a softer side when it comes to the woman they love.

4) How did you get interested in the Lone Star State as a setting for contemporary romance?

Well, when I think of cowboys I automatically think of Texas. That’s really what it all comes down to on how I chose that particular state for the setting of my novels. I may venture outside of Texas for future novels, but we’ll have to see:-)

5) What's the one trait a good male lead in romance needs?

I think strength is one of the important ones. Not just in the physical sense but emotionally as well.

6) You've added a touch of danger in your book. Do you think contemporary romance is better, in general, with a touch of danger?

That’s a good question:-) I wouldn’t necessarily say that contemporary romance is better with a touch of danger, but it does make an interesting read. I chose to have that element of danger in this book because that’s how I saw my conflict play out during the writing process. Personally I enjoy novels that have some danger and excitement to them, so naturally that’s why I chose to go that route. But to say that contemporary romance is all around better with a touch of danger would be wrong because there are many novels I have read with no element of danger that I absolutely love. It all comes down to personal taste really and how well the author keeps you interested in the characters and storyline.

7) Please tell us about your other projects.

I do have one more completed novel that is available in ebook format only (as of right now). When the Heart Falls is my very first novel that I published and it’s also a contemporary western romance. I always feel like I’m going to give too much away when I describe what my novels are about so, in an effort not to spoil anything, here’s the synopsis:

When Misty Prescott moved back home to her parent’s ranch after catching her husband cheating on her, she couldn’t have possibly known that she’d fall for not one, but two cowboys at the same time. Nor could she have known that getting involved with both men would bring unwelcome excitement, turning her already messed up world completely upside down. As Misty’s relationship with Vance Kinney begins, she can’t help but develop an intense attraction to her best friend’s older brother, Dylan McCoy. But just as Misty makes her choice, she indirectly becomes the target of one horrific event after another. Now, Misty must fight the very obstacles that threaten to tear her apart from the man she loves, and survive the danger lurking around every corner that threatens their very lives.

I am also working on the second book in my McKades of Texas series, which revolves around Norah. I’d love to give you more details about it, but I’ve just started writing it so there’s not much to talk about right now:-)

8) Do you have an excerpt you'd like to share?

Here’s an excerpt that touches on that element of danger:

“Well, I think that’s the last of them. Why don’t we go ahead and start closing up,” Red suggested to Andi around a quarter to two.

“Sounds good to me. I’m beat for one night.” Andi walked over and locked the door, turning the neon open sign off in the process as well. She then walked around to each table and cleared off all of the bottles, glasses, and pitchers. Red took care of bagging up all of the trash and told Andi that he was going to run it out back to the dumpster and that he’d be back in a few.

She walked behind the bar and stretched her arms over her head, letting out a huge sigh as she picked up the broom from the corner. Walking back out to the dance floor, she reached in her pocket and placed a quarter in the jukebox. “Cowboy Take Me Away” by the Dixie Chicks came through the speakers and Andi hummed the tune as she began to sweep the dirty floor. She was so into the song that she didn’t even hear the footsteps across the wooden floor. Andi jumped and dropped the broom when she felt the masculine arms slide around her waist from behind her. She was startled, only for a moment, and she playfully slapped at the hands that were lying across her stomach.

“Don’t you remember what happened last time you did that?” she teased.

The hands slid down to her hips and forcefully pulled her backwards.

“Whoa,” she said attempting to keep her balance.

Cool lips touched her neck and the hands slid from her hips to her ribs and slowly across her breast.

“Babe, don’t do that here,” she chided and attempted to free herself of his strong hands. His grip only tightened the more she tried to free herself. “Whoa, Zane, take it easy,” she said starting to become annoyed. He’d never acted like this before and she didn’t understand why he was being rough with her now. “Ouch, babe, that hurts.”

The lips left her neck for only a moment and Andi could feel the warm breath of a whisper blow across the tip of her earlobe as she heard, “Who’s Zane?”


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