Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Colorful Bugs: An interview with children's author Laura Yirak

A picture of a pink ladybug smiling.
Today I'm talking with children's author Laura Yirak about her eBook on colors for young children, Ladybug Pink.


1) Tell us about your book.

Ladybug Pink is the sequel to my popular Ladybug Blue eBook which covered the primary colors. This sequel covers more colors: purple, pink, orange and brown. Basically there's a problem outside and she fixes it by swapping shell colors.

2) What is the best age group for this book?

It’s for little ones learning basic colors, so about eighteen months and up.

3) What drew you to creating young children's eBooks?

I have a two year old and I use these books for him. I wanted to keep them simple and fun.

4) Due to the extensive use of illustrations, your books may better viewed on certain readers. What formats are they available for and is there a particular reader (or readers) you'd recommend?

I’d recommend them for full color devices that support eBooks. I am putting some of the books into print. Crosby the Crab will be available soon.

5) Please tell us about some of your other children's eBooks?

Crosby the Crab: Crosby was just another crab living on a tropical beach when a mysterious object washed ashore and sent him on a quest for adventure!

Bumble Babees: The Bumble Babees are up for the day. They go to school, come home and play! We have the mama bee, two brothers and one sister. Watch out for the one in the sunglasses--a fun tale about our daily lives symbolized by bees

Three Wee Peas: This is a 1-2-3 counting book.

6) What future projects are you working on?

The sequel to Three Wee Peas is in the works due out in a month. The theme is a visit to the farm and learning about the different animals and their sounds. I’ll have another few books out over the fall and winter that I’m writing now. It’s a good lineup.


Thanks, Laura.

If you'd like to read more from Laura, please visit her blog at  http://dreamsofdiamondsauthor.blogspot.com/ .


Anonymous said...

Thanks for having me! Laura

J.A. Beard said...

You're welcome.