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Why doesn't CarFax talk about ghosts? An interview with paranormal romance and romantic suspense author K.A. Jordan

Today, I'm talking with K.A. Jordan about her paranormal romance, Swallow The Moon, which I recently reviewed over at Good Book Alert.

1) Tell us about your book.

Swallow the Moon is the story of a witch and a soldier vs. the ghosts of a stripper and a DEA agent. It is also a story of love, redemption and sacrifice.

In many ways, it is more of a Gothic romance than a Paranormal Romance. I think the new cover reflects that style – it's not a 'clinch' cover – a moody, chilling cover.

2) What inspired you to write this book?

My husband's into motorcycles – sometimes I see his Suzuki as a rival for his affections. I'm sure I'm not the only woman who feels that way. The opportunity was too good to pass up. ;-)

3) Swallow the Moon is striking in that both your hero and heroine aren't particularly distinguished by their abilities or appearance in a genre often known for beautiful and special people, yet at the same time are defined characters as opposed to blank slate audience surrogates. Why did you choose to develop your characters this way?

I love the old Gothic novels. Barbara Michaels is a good example of the Gothic style. I found her blend of the real and paranormal utterly captivating. My goal is to write a story that will pull readers in the same way. Therefore, the emphasis is on the setting instead of how the characters look.

As for special abilities, I didn't want to deal with a clich̩ 'Hollywood witch' РI felt it would be too easy. Instead, I use 'Magic Realism.' This way, everything is more difficult, the dangers are more real. In the end, June and Eric both sacrifice what is most precious to them. By using a very light hand in world-building, I have an open-ended universe to continue my series. I can do almost anything inside this framework.

It's very exciting.

4) Some authors put a little (or a lot of themselves into their character). Some don't. How are you similar (if at all) to June? How are you different?

June loves her home and wants a husband and a family. She's strong and courageous, but she's not aware of that part of herself. She's an introvert, works very hard and doesn't want to draw any attention to herself. She has 'Second Sight' and is descended from a long line of 'Wise Women.'

We are similar in that I grew up in Ashtabula. June's house is my childhood home. I worked on Bridge Street and partied at the Iroquois Club. I live on a small farm and raise chickens.

On the other hand, I'm outgoing. I joined the theatre in high school and college. I used to party with a bunch of actors and musicians and I can handle myself in rough situations. I ride with my husband on his Suzuki M109R – a huge cruiser.

5) Dying Rust Belt small towns aren't exactly glamorous such as a city like New York or exotic like quirky supernaturally-infested small towns in Louisiana. Why did you choose this setting?

Dying cities make great Urban Fantasy settings, so it would make sense that they would do well for Paranormal Romances. Any place that has the dark atmosphere of Batman's Gotham City has a certain romance to it.

Ashtabula was settled by Europeans over 200 years ago, the city's history is similar to New England – which is the setting for many Gothic novels.

6) If you were going to sell your soul for a motorcycle, what kind would it be?

If I were to sell my soul for a machine – it would be a 1969 Shelby Cobra in royal blue with white racing stripes.

I ride behind my husband on his Suzuki M109R from time to time, that's his dream bike. I'm sitting on his bike in my author photo.

7) Your other recent novel, Let's Do Lunch, is notable in its lack of supernatural elements. Do you think Swallow the Moon would appeal to Let's Do Lunch fans and vice versa? 

Sure – because I handle characters the same for both genre. My women's fiction tends to have more plot twists. But anyone who likes my writing will like both books.


Thanks, Kat.

You can find more from Kat at her blog: and

Swallow The Moon is available for purchase at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Let's Do Lunch is also available for purchase at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


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