Saturday, November 5, 2011

Yes, sometimes a little outside opinion helps: An interview with Albert Robbins: Self-published book reviewer

Normally, I do interviews of authors, both self-published or traditionally published. Today, I have something different. An interview with that most dreaded of literary creature: a reviewer.

Mr. Albert Robbins runs Free Book Reviews, a site that specializes in reviewing self-published books. I sat down (virtually) to have a quick exchange about his site.


1) What inspired you to start your review site?

My name is Albert and my wife RJ Palmer is an indie author of the book Birthright. In saying this I became sort of her publicist, marketing and champion. Through my trials of trying to find the perfect way to promote her book, I discovered that many outlets were at best discouraging. So I thought maybe I can put together a blog, promote it, have the posts automatically appear on other sites, link in social networking and help all indie authors. This is where my journey has brought me so far, and I expect more will be coming in the future. I do not charge for anything I do. All I ask is that you promote this blog, follow me on Twitter and Facebook and promote each other. Even that is not a requirement.

2) What sort of genres does your site take?

Everything except Erotica

3) What is your general review philosophy?

1. We do not give stars except for other review sites that require star ratings.
2. We do not summarize the book (novel) in our review as we believe that adding the provided or available book synopsis to the post is clear enough. Besides a review is supposed to relate the feelings the book draws out not have the plot regurgitated.

4) Has your overall reading experience been altered by doing reviews? Do you find you are more critical now?

Yes, I see that I have started to become more critical in all writing. Even little Yahoo and MSN articles.

5) What sort of material would you like to see more of at your site?

Science Fiction

6) What sort of material would you like to see less of?

Dime Store Romance

7) What sort of things can authors do to increase the chances of being reviewed on your site?

If you submit, you get reviewed.

Because of our respect for the written word and our belief that writing takes up time and effort, we accept every book (except Erotica) submitted and place it in our TBR (to be reviewed) list. Keep in mind that it may take one or more months to get a review accomplished, but we believe the wait is worth it. Also keep in mind that because of this our review may not be favorable to each submitted book.

Thanks so much for letting me bother your readers.


Free Book Reviews
The Nation's News (Free Book Reviews newsletter)


Marion Sipe said...

What a neat interview! And a great idea!

Free Book Reviews said...

Thanks once again for including me in your awesome blog and you now have another follower.

J.A. Beard said...

You're welcome.