Saturday, April 9, 2011

Weird Ways of Characters Getting Noticed

Forbes Magazines Annual List of Richest Fictional Characters

An investigation into Smaug the dragon's wealth

Sure, one can quibble with the methodology if one is bored, but the concept itself is amusing. Though I tend to prefer Businessweek in a lot of ways  (I read both regularly), I do have to admit Forbes does a lot more playful stuff like this list than BW.

It's also an interesting way of showing how memorable aspects of characters can linger in the culture even after their particular days of prominence are long past. Scrooge, for example. I have two kids and they watch the Disney Channel regularly, and as far as eccentric immigrant ducks go, Professor Von Drake shows up a lot more than Scrooge these days.

I guess after being on Real Houseducks of Duckburg, Scrooge just wanted to avoid anymore television exposure.

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